Auto Insurance For High-Risk Drivers

You might think you are the most excellent driver ever, but what does your record say? How many tickets, accidents, or DUIs have you had in the past few years? While most people do not have perfect driving records, some seem to attract accidents or find every cop that’s having a bad day. Sometimes people just have bad luck and get ticketed frequently. Some motorists have had no tickets and then get three in two months. A good driver in the eyes of insurers suddenly becomes risky.

If you have had severe moving violations, like reckless driving or even worse, a DUI (driving under the influence), then you need auto insurance for high-risk drivers. While rates for this group of drivers are higher, you can still get a reasonable price, with excellent coverage with carriers like Trumbull Insurance. With cheaper direct to consumer pricing, high-risk policies are out there, from around $100 per month. Apply for a free quote online and compare multiple plans in a few short minutes.

The hard reality of getting tickets is it adds points to your record

To put it simply, if you have lots of points, you’re going to pay a lot more for coverage. While premium increases are unavoidable, you can still get the cheapest high-risk policy if you do a bit of research and take your time. Many higher risk motorists run into a very serious problem. Their insurance premiums become so expensive they cannot afford them. This is especially true for drivers who have been busted for DUIs. These are very serious charges and can cost not only thousands in legal fees and fines but skyrocketing insurance bill hikes.

Today, not all insurers will take on higher risk drivers. For years, carriers would insure almost everyone if they had a valid license. Those days are long over. Many DUI offenders have caused horrific crashes that have instigated costly lawsuits that the insurers get caught up in. Also, more drivers are engaging in addictive behavior than ever before, which has led to an increase in accidents. This is especially true for younger drivers under 25. They can’t seem to go 5 minutes without texting, even behind the wheel. If you get more than one ticket for texting while operating a motor vehicle, your ins provider might cancel your policy. While insurance companies can’t prevent accidents, they can take calculated risks in determining which drivers are more likely to drive safely.

What to Do if Your Insurer Cancels your Policy

If you’ve been notified that your policy has been canceled, don’t panic. While your rates will surely go up, deals can still be found. If you currently have too many tickets on your driving record, take action to eliminate them. Go to court and ask the judge what your options are. These can include going to traffic court and or paying off outstanding tickets on file.

The next step is searching for new coverage. To find the best plan at the lowest rate, go on sites like Trumbull Insurance website that will give you up to 10 quotes. This way, you can select from all the available insurers that want to cover you and analyze their rates. Don’t always go with the lowest plan without some due diligence. You will probably get quoted from several smaller niche companies, so you need to check out their reputation and financial health. Go to sites like A.M. Best and look at the grades each carrier has, that you are thinking of using. If they are a C or below, move on to a higher rated firm. There are large national auto providers like The General that have great auto insurance for high-risk drivers.

If you are getting quoted with rates that are just too costly, then you might need to give up driving for a while. Use services like Uber and Lyft. Once you get your record cleaned up or can afford a higher rate plan, you can then reapply for automobile insurance. The best advice for anyone who drives is to be safe on the road and obey all traffic laws. This will not only keep you alive, but it will save you a ton of money.

Take advantage of free services from Trumbull car insurance and comparison shop online rates. This one thing can help you save 20% or more, even if you are classified as a risky motorist. Get started now and find your best deal.

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