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A lot of people these days not only want to reduce their monthly expenses but absolutely need to. Many middle-class Americans are still struggling after the great depression of 2008. Despite a rising stock market and jobs coming back, many families are saddled with high living expenses and crushing debt.

One of the best ways to relieve financial pressure is to save money wherever you can. There are areas you can save money at, that you might not have ever thought of. One of these is auto insurance. Taking advantage of these proven car insurance secrets can save you hundreds of dollars each year. Let’s take a look at some of these secret tips.

Drive an Older Car That is Cheap to Insure

Are you driving an expensive new car that you care barely afford? If you are not upside down on the loan amount and not emotionally attached to the vehicle, you might want to get rid of it. You could downsize to a quality used car and pay cash for it. You might be asking what is the advantage to this? The key is getting cheaper liability insurance and cancelling the more expensive comprehensive insurance, that you’re obligated to buy when you finance a car.

With an older car, you can get liability only rates starting at $29 a month from providers like Trumbull insurance company. This can save you $2,000 or more per year in insurance costs and you also eliminate the car loan. While your old car might need the occasional repair more often than the newer one, you will have money saved up and then some. There are many solid, quality vehicles you can buy that are cheap to insure and under $8,000. If you can’t take advantage of this strategy now, perhaps you can implement it in a year or two.

You Might Be Paying Too Much For Your Coverage
Do you renew your auto insurance each year with the same company, even if your rates go up? This might be costing you a lot of money. If you have access to the internet you need to compare rates. If you need the same coverage amounts, you should shop around every 6 months and compare rates, just to see if you can save money by switching.

At Trumbull insurance website, you can comparison shop up to 10 quotes in about 4 minutes. The lowest prices are shown for the type of plan and limits. You can often save hundreds by changing to the cheapest insurer.

The items in Your Car are Not Insured
If you have expensive items in your car like a laptop, smartphone or valuable business equipment and get into a wreck that damages them, there is a high chance your insurance policy will not cover their repair or replacement. You can buy specialty insurance to cover personal property contents in your vehicle. You can also get theft protection for added peace of mind.

Your longtime agent or Broker may Not Give you the Lowest Priced Policy
Most insurance agents do not have as bad of a reputation as used car salesmen. Remember though, most make their living off of commissions they earn when they sell you a policy. This means the more costly the coverage is, the more commission the agent or broker will make. They can also add bundled coverage that might be cheaper with another insurer. This is why direct insurers like Trumbull insurance can offer you online quotes with total transparency, so you know you’re getting the best-priced plan.

Your Credit Rate Affects Your Auto Insurance Rates
Nearly every auto insurer now uses credit to calculate the premiums you will pay. You might ask, why would my credit affect my driving ability? Stats prove that people with poor credit file more car insurance claims and more fraudulent ones. Having good credit also proves financial responsibility and your ability to pay your bills on time. Auto insurers make their money on long-term customers who pay their premiums when they are due. People with higher credit can save 10% or more off their ins rates.

You Can Save Money by Paying for Your Policy Up Front

Every major automobile insurance carrier has flexible payment options. These include monthly installments, semi-annually and every year. If you have the money saved up, you can usually save about 3% or more off your policy just by paying all of your bill up-front and avoiding expensive administrative fees.

Letting Friends borrow your Vehicle Can Cost You Money
Do you have a car or a truck that your friends and family always need to borrow? If so, perhaps you should think twice next time they ask, before handing over the keys. If they get into an accident and are not on the policy, it could cost you some serious money. Your insurance bill will go up significantly and chances are your friends won’t give you a dime. Next time a friend of family member needs a ride, tell them to call Uber or drive them yourself, if you want to keep your insurance bill low.

Now that you know these valuable car insurance secrets, it’s time to start comparing direct rates online. Apply now at Trumbull auto insurance and see how easy it is to save $500 or more off your coverage in only a few minutes.

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