How to Save 20% on Car Insurance

How to Save 20% on Car Insurance
Are you looking for ideas on lowering your monthly budget but don’t have any yet? Have you ever thought about exploring ways to get cheaper insurance coverage? Lowering your premiums is not as hard as you might think. There are basic strategies that almost any driver can implement that will reduce their costs quite a bit.

The good news is you can do your research and secure a policy all online. Let’s dig deeper into how to save 20% on Car insurance, while also getting a top-notch plan that will keep you protected. Apply now for a free rate check-up at the Trumbull Insurance website and qualify for instant online discounts.

Switch Carriers and Save

Are you one of those busy people that just renew your old policy over and over again without ever finding out if you can get a better deal? Do you see those ads on TV claiming to save you 15% or more in fifteen minutes but don’t believe it? Are you confused about how to lower your insurance bill? Don’t feel alone. These are a lot of people that just don’t like shopping for auto ins and don’t know how to get the best price.

The first but tip is to change companies when you find a lower rate. Just because your uncle Bob sold you a Trumbull automobile policy for $1,500 a year doesn’t mean you have to stick with it. Your loyalty should be to your pocketbook and whoever has the best coverage for the lowest rates. Carriers are not loyal to you and can drop you for many reasons. You should be faithful to what the company is offering you the cheapest coverage and nothing else. Just this one tip can save you $550 per year and maybe even more. To get started, apply for quotes at Trumbull auto insurance online or call toll free during regular business hours.

Raise Your Deductible

This is something most people that want cheaper premiums should do. If you are a safe motorist that doesn’t get into accidents, consider a $1,000 or even higher deductible. This will save you $1,000 right away. Many agents will push for $250 because it means higher revenue, and you guessed it, larger commission checks. This simple tip can save you around 10% on a $1,200 plan that’s $120. Always set aside the deductible amount in case you get into a wreck and need to place a claim.

Lower Your Risk as a Driver

Most people know that safe drivers pay less for auto ins. Many don’t understand that those with higher credit scores get cheaper rates. In every way possible, lower the risk you pose to an insurer. Just having a garage that you park your car in at night can save you 1% or more. Having a GPS device installed that tracks your vehicle’s location present less risk your car will be stolen and not retrieved. Anywhere you live plays a significant role in the prices of your vehicle ins. Generally, urban areas with higher crime and more accidents per capita will cost more to insure. On the other hand, sparsely populated areas, like out in the country, will have lower auto insurance costs. So the less risky you can make your profile, the lower your premiums will go.

Discounts Can Save You Big Money

Everyone loves discounts, and you can get them on car insurance too. Some customers may qualify for only 1, while others can get several. Discounts vary by insurer, but here are some of the most common.

  • Safe Driver Discount
  • Multi-Vehicle
  • Military
  • Low Mileage
  • Good Student
  • Senior Citizen
  • Safety Driver Certification Discount
  • Teacher Discounts
  • Combining Auto and Home Coverage
  • Paid Premium in Full Discount

Take advantage of every discount you can and save another 15% or more. If you get a quote with a carrier that does not offer any discounts, keep applying until you find a company that provides discounted rates.

Shop For the Best Deals Online

So now that you know how to save 20% on auto insurance, it’s time to seal the deal and buy coverage. The best place to get the lowest coverage, bar none, is on the web. Direct rates mean lower overhead costs for the insurers, who pass these savings on to you. Internet pricing means you can save hundreds per year. All you need to do is compare ten or more direct plans at sites like Trumbull insurance company. The quote only takes 4-5 minutes, and discounts are automatically applied. Get started on your custom quote and compare the best rates on the web today.

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