one month car insurance

One Month Car Insurance

It may sound a little weird to buy one month car insurance or even for just a couple of days. However, this can be very useful during a short term period, when you still need to be legally covered. These limited insurance plans are offered by very few insurance companies in the market, but they are available with select insurers.

This has largely been contributed by the fact that a large number of car owners go for annual insurance policies for their cars as opposed to short term policies. Many regard short term insurance policies as being an uneconomical means of covering the vehicle. A short term insurance plan for 1 month or more is suited for people who only drive on a temporary basis.

Who Needs Temporary Auto Insurance?

There are more common situations that require temporary car insurance than you might think. Here are some typical scenarios.

  • You are Borrowing a Vehicle

Some companies offer weekend car insurance for people who borrow vehicles for a couple of days. These niche insurers offer daily insurance policies between 1 and 31 days. This allows consumers to get the exact short term protection they need and not pay for extended coverage that will not be used. A good example would be borrowing a friend’s stored vehicle while yours is being repaired. You might need just 1 to 4 weeks of auto insurance and nothing more. At Trumbull Insurance you can buy custom policies from 1 day to 1 year. Apply now by entering your zip code and get cheaper rates.

  • You are Going on a Vacation

In many cases, people seek short term car insurance policies during holiday seasons. Some even borrow cars that have features that are not available on theirs. An example is a car with a tow bar. One may also need to buy car insurance for a limited time to cover an additional driver, while on vacation. You may even travel abroad and rent a vehicle and need added protection for up to a month.

  • You Are Traveling and Need Extra Rental Coverage

Most people don’t use rental car insurance because it is too expensive and does not offer adequate protection for some clients. This is where temporary auto insurance come in. It’s especially useful for high networth individuals looking for added security and asset protection. At carriers like Trumbull Insurance Company, short term rental insurance can be purchased from 1 to 31 days at low rates starting at $15 per day.

One Month Car Insurance Costs More

Because one month car insurance policies are short, many insurers opt to stay out of this selective insurance market. The carriers that do offer this type of coverage charge more for the policy per day, than longer 6 and 12-month policies. In addition, these shorter policies are riskier and often come with more fraudulent claims, which is another reason why they cost more. Most insurers do not offer discounts for these types of insurance policies. You can end up paying 2 to 3 times the daily rate of a 12 month policy. It’s always worth it to stay legally insured while driving through, even if it’s only for a 4 or 5 week period.

Short Term Auto Insurance With No Deposit

Most providers will require no deposit since the coverage is only for 1 month. In most cases, the entire premium is due when the policy is purchased. For a typical family sedan with a 40-45-year-old driver, coverage can be purchased for $175 – $200 monthly.

Buy 1 Month Automobile Insurance Online

If you have never purchased auto insurance online then you are missing some great deals. Whether you need to get insured for 1 month or an entire year, the best place to shop for cheaper rates is on the web. Many people can save hundreds off their premiums and also save a lot of time.

It only takes about 30 minutes to get quotes, review plans and buy a policy online. This saves about 2 hours over more conventional methods, like driving over to an agents office. All you need to do is apply for a free, no-obligation quote at trusted sites like Trumbull Auto Insurance. Get started now and get the rates you need.

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