Trumbull Auto and Home Programs

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Trumbull Insurance Company Auto and Home Programs

With both its Auto and Home insurance programs endorsed in West Farmington, Trumbull insurance company provides reliable and affordable insurance services in several states. It serves residents in Washington, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

The provider is a subsidiary of West Farmington Trumbull Insurance Company, with a history that spans more than 200 years. The company underwrites insurance policies for:

  • Home Program (Washington)
  • Auto and Home Programs (Michigan)
  • Home Program (Minnesota)
  • Auto Program (Pennsylvania)
  • Home Program (Texas)

While the coverage in auto and home insurance programs are not very much different from others, the company offers many additional benefits for policyholders to make the options even more attractive. These include:

  1. Auto Programs

The Available Auto Insurance Coverage Includes:

  • Bodily Injury Liability: it gives financial protection in the event of an accident in which policyholder is at fault. When the accident causes injuries to another person, the coverage pays for the necessary medical cost and any legal cost as well.
  • Property Damage Liability: the coverage pays for all damages that the policyholder causes in an accident. It applies when the policyholder is at fault.
  • Collision: it pays for the repair cost policyholder needs after a crash. The policy applies only if damages to policyholder’s cars are the results of a collision with another vehicle or physical structures.
  • Non-collision: the protection is similar to that of collision coverage, but it covers damages due to non-collision causes, for example, theft, vandalism, and fire.
  • Personal Injury Protection: in some states where PIP is mandatory, the company is ready to provide the coverage. It is the protection against the financial burden of the medical cost when the policyholder suffers injuries in an accident regardless of who is at fault.

In addition to those coverage options, there are also Rental Car Reimbursement, Glass Coverage, Medical Payments, Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist, and Personal Umbrella. Most significant advantages of Trumbull Auto Programs are the additional benefits such as:

  • 12-Month Rate Protection: once policyholders sign the policy; the rates remain the same for a full year. It allows policyholders to manage their insurance expenses better.
  • Lifetime Car Repair: as long as policyholders own or lease their vehicles, they have the advantage of covered repairs. The advantage applies to authorized repair shops.
  • New Car Replacement: in case policyholders total their vehicles within the first 15 months or 15,000 miles (whichever comes first), the company replaces the car with a new one of the same makes, model, and equipment; depreciation and deductions do not apply.
  1. The West Farmington Home Insurance

Six Main Home Insurance Coverage Options

  • Dwelling Coverage: it provides financial protection for policyholder’s homes and properties attached to that. The coverage includes parts of the main structures, for example, electric installations, HVAC, walls, foundations, and roof. There is no limit in the amount of coverage, so policyholders have the option to either lower or increase it by their personal preferences. The rule of thumb is that the amount of coverage should be enough to cover the cost to rebuild the structures in case of total damage.
  • Personal property: if dwelling coverage protects the main structures, Personal Property coverage protects the items inside. It includes appliances, clothes, and furniture pieces. It does not cover the loss of jewelry, but policyholders can purchase additional coverage for that purpose.
  • Additional Structures: some houses consist of multiple buildings, but there are no clear physical structures that connect them in the same property. Physical structures such as fences, barns, or warehouses are not the main dwelling locations, yet policyholders can purchase the coverage for full protection for their entire properties.
  • Liability: accidents happen, and sometimes they take place in policyholders’ properties. In such cases, liability coverage in-home programs help protect policyholders from the obligation to give payout out of their own pockets. The coverage also pays for legal defense.
  • Loss of Use: it works like rental reimbursement in the auto program. In the event policyholder’s house is under repair due to a covered loss, Trumbull pays for the living expense until the house is ready for occupancy again. There are different limit options available, and the coverage pays up to the limit of the policy.

Trumbull Insurance Home Program also offers Medical payment coverage, which provides financial protection in the event someone suffers injuries in policyholder’s property. The coverage pays for the necessary medical cost or treatments. Just like with the Auto Program, there are advantages from the Home Program such as:

  • Full Replacement Cost: as the name suggests, it pays for the total cost to rebuild the policyholder’s house. In some states, the coverage reaches up to 125% and 150% of the coverage limits.
  • New for Old Protection: in case the policyholder’s possessions break, disappears, or suffers damages due to a covered loss, the company replaces the items with brand new ones of the same quality regardless of the actual condition of the items when the loss occurs.
  • Green Rebuilding: when homeowner or policyholder decides to use environment-friendly materials to rebuild, renew, reshape, or repair the house after a covered loss, the home insurance adds 10% to the limit of active policy. Therefore, the additional cost to acquire the green materials is no longer financial burdens for policyholders.

In addition to these types of protection, Trumbull Insurance Company West Farmington offers extensive homeowners’ coverage for no additional cost. This includes Identity Fraud Expense Coverage, Flooding and Sump Overflow, Equipment Protection, and Valuable Items Coverage.

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